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  • Baby-Coyote-Counts-childrens-book Baby-Coyote-Counts-childrens-book

    Baby Coyote Counts

    Count with Baby Coyote as he teases beautiful butterflies and tricks lazy lizards. The numbers one to five are sweetly and simply depicted. Toddlers can point and count rattlesnakes, butterflies, lizards, cactus needles, and quail. By Neecy...

  • Good-Night-Cowboys-Childrens-Book

    Good Night, Cowboys

    "Good Night, Cowboys" takes you into the life of riding horses, roping steer, working on the ranch, rodeos, lassos, cowboy chow, ghost towns, driving cattle, cowboy clothing, square dancing, cowboy songs, and panning for gold. So, howdy little...

  • The-Tiniest-Tumbleweed-book-Kathy-Peach

    The Tiniest Tumbleweed

    Written by award-winning children's book author, Kathy Peach, and illustrated by Alex Lopez, The Tiniest Tumbleweed is a story about two Sonoran Desert neighbors, a tiny tumbleweed and a baby house sparrow, who are both small for their age...

  • A-Cowgirl-And-Her-Horse-Childrens-Book

    A Cowgirl And Her Horse

    A wacky tale of friendship and love, meet one charming cowgirl and her best friend, her horse, of course!  A cowgirl has so many things to do for her horse, sometimes it's hard to keep them all straight! But this cowgirl knows what it takes...

  • Cindy-Ellen-Childrens-Book

    Cindy Ellen

    You might think you have heard this story before, but you will get a wild west bellyache from this humorous rendition!  Once upon a time, there was a cowgirl named Cindy Ellen, who lived with the most cantankerous stepmother west of the Mississippi...

  • Gila-Monsters-Meet-You-At-The-Airport-Childrens-Book

    Gila Monsters Meet You At The Airport

    Whether facing a move or just looking to laugh this funny book is just right for children.  "I live at 165 East 95th Street, New York City, and I'm going to stay here forever," says a young boy. Facing a move this young boy is just sure that it will...

  • Who-Pooped-In-The-Sonoran-Desert-Childrens-Book

    Who Pooped In The Sonoran Desert?

    A lovable tale of Michael, Emily, and their parents as they explore the Sonoran Desert is designed to both delight and inform. Wildlife can be elusive, and both kids are discouraged when they don't find many animals in the park. They learn, however, that...

  • Monster-In-The-Rocks-Childrens-Book

    Monster In The Rocks

    Eddie the Elf Owl narrates this story as Mama and Papa Quail teach their little chicks.  Listen To Your Parents, Be Smart and Stay Safe are some of the lessons taught. There are other lessons to learn as well in Monster in the Rocks.