Flox introduces personalized sock designs with photos

Flox introduces personalized sock designs with photos

Posted by John Wolfe on 20th Apr 2021

How would you like to have some custom socks to commemorate a special event or get-together?

Now you can get some without having to buy 100 pairs!

Flox Customs, the Phoenix accessories company started by Jeffrey Edouard, is now offering personalized socks in short runs for only $21.95 per pair.

He recently presented Sibley's West owners Michelle and John Wolfe with these socks to mark the couple's retirement. He used a photo from the Sibley's blog along with a logo.

"As you know, I can do my regular socks like the AZ Sunset socks and the Copper State socks," Jeffrey said. "What's special now is that I can do individual pairs."

They can be sentimental, or fun, or mark a special occasion.

"If there's a picture you like, you can send it to me at and we'll be able to play around with it to give you what you're looking for," he said.

He's already had requests from sports teams, businesses and individuals involved in reunions and conventions.

Here's a video with Jeffrey talking about the new options.

Jeffrey has been a part of Sibley's West for almost two years, selling his colorful Arizona-themed socks.

In 2020, during the pandemic, he came up with the AZ Sunset face covering (shown in the photo) to give folks an artistic option with their masks.

"One thing that stands out with Jeffrey is his customer service," Michelle said. "He is positive, produces great products, and delivers on expectations."

Jeffrey is the youngest of five children, offspring of his parents, who emigrated to Boston from Haiti. He moved to Phoenix in 2005 to pursue a football career and played under legendary Valley coach Jim Rattay. He played two years of football at Phoenix Christian.

He came up with Flox Customs several years ago, having connected with State Forty Eight, and ramped up efforts in 2019.

"I love socks," he said. "And I love history and love being able to create."

His Arizona line reflects his love for the state. He also has produced unique designs for businesses and organizations.

Introducing customized individual socks is the next logical step.

"My proudest moments are in the relationships I've been able to create through my business," he said. "I'm easily inspired and I love to learn about my peers and grow with them."

Jeffrey can best be summed up in the card he shares with future friends: "Always Be True To Yourself."